06 Juli

Conference on digital transformation

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Conference on digital transformation

Basically, a transformation is a permanent process of change and thus a continuous development. From our past we know transformations as a rather slow, almost imperceptible transformation process – they are therefore our constant companions and have more or less influence on the individual or social interaction. Transformation takes place in all areas of life, on a personal, societal and political level, in economic areas or even in a technological environment. Basically, it is therefore the „most normal“ of the world – as well as the change from mechanical to electronic locking, control and protection components as well as the intelligent combination of different technologies and technologies to meet the protection needs.

This conference will inform about current developments and changes of the IT processes in the context of the digital transformation. Likewise, the exchange with specialists in the context of workshops should offer the opportunity to discuss current topics from everyday working life and develop solutions.

  • Venue Event hall Espachstraße 20 78647 Trossingen
  • Event period 06th - 8th July 2020
  • 120 seats Register now to confirm your participation
  • Conference on digital transformation We will send you detailed information about the Conference on digital transformation and the agenda via e-mail

Location – this is where the Conference on digital transformation takes place


Event hall
Espachstraße 20
78647 Trossingen




In a short introductory round, the donors and participants will introduce themselves. You will also learn what to expect during the event.


What does digital transformation mean?

In times of digital transformation, technological and social developments are changing. Even established companies can no longer ignore these changes. They face the challenge of having to be able to react flexibly to the changing conditions more quickly. Entrepreneurs have to develop new (digital) business models in partly non-business areas in order to be able to offer their customers new products and services. To do so, they must analyze their own position, comprehensively understand the transformation process and design it individually.


Basic structure of the digital world

You are introduced to the world of digital transformation. You will also learn the complexity and dynamics of the digital world Impact of the new framework on business models, organizations and people. The lecturer will give you an overview of various tools, such as mindset, working methods, culture and organization, the digital world.


Evening Event

We meet for a dinner and in a relaxed atmosphere we will exchange our personal experiences in the context of the digital transformation.


need for action

First, we analyze the status quo and the framework conditions in your company. Next, we look at the impact of digital transformation on the business model, organization, and employees of a business. We also look at the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation.


Final discussion

We present the results of the event and discuss them together. Afterwards, we will personally hand out each one his personal trajectory for the most important points in dealing with the digital transformation in the company environment.


Dealing with changes

We work out how to exploit existing business models and at the same time drive innovation. An important principle for this is the openness to new technologies and their use. To take away the fear of change, we suggest a learning culture and how to deal with mistakes.